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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Captain Neal Patterson (Eric Fleming) and two other astronauts travel from Earth to Venus, where the planet is populated by an all-female civilization, most dressed in sexy mini-skirts. All men are banned. Queen Yllana (Laurie Mitchell), who always wears a mask, hates men and considers the astronauts to be spies. She plans to execute the men and destroy Earth, and says, "I'm going to allow myself the exquisite pleaure of watching you while I obliterate the Earth."

Prof. Konrad: "It's monstrous! Will nothing keep you from going through with this?"
Queen Yllana: "Nothing, Professor."

Patterson: "You don't just accidentally land on a planet 36,000.000 miles away."
Prof. Konrad: "It would appear that all things are possible in space."
Larry Turner: "If I see any of those little green men, I'll faint. The sound of my body falling will wake you up."
Patterson: "Nah, I wouldn't worry. The fire ought to keep 'em away."
Prof. Konrad: "Perhaps this is a civilization that exists without sex."
Larry Turner: "You call that civilization?"
Prof. Konrad: "Frankly, no."

Larry Turner: "Hiya, dolls. Glad to hear you're on our side... Why don't you girls knock off all this Gestapo stuff and try to be a little friendly."
Patterson: "I love you."
Talleah: "If love is what makes your heart tick, then I love you too."
Earth Base: "I know you men are anxious to return home, but you must endure your privations and hardships."

Sexy scientist Talleah (Zsa Zsa Gabor) likes the Earthlings and is the leader of the anti-war faction wishing to overthrow the Queen, so the women of Venus can love men again. Chief Scientist Talleah does not wear a lab coat. No, dahlink. She is always dressed in Christian Dior designer gowns and always looks up, way up, to the men as if they were 8 feet tall. She says, "Vimmen cannot be happy vizout man" and "I hate her! I hate zat qveen."

This campy sci-fi adventure was supposedly intended by writer Ben Hecht as a parody, but one wonders if the director was in on the joke. It's a B-movie classic, silly with some intentional laughs, and absolutely required viewing for all B-movie fans. It's so bad it's very funny. The sets and special effects were borrowed from other movies. Their spaceship came from FLIGHT TO MARS (1951). Sets, models and special effects were taken from WORLD WITHOUT END (1956). And the astronauts' uniforms are from FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956).

Also in the cast are: Dave Willock (Lt. Mike Cruze), Patrick Waltz (Lt. Larry Turner), Paul Birch (Prof. Konrad), Lisa Davis (Motiya), Barbara Darrow (Kaeel), Marily Buferd (Odeena), Gerry Gaylor (Base Commander), Gy Prescott (Col. Ramsey), Mary Ford, Marya Stevens, Laura Mason, Lynn Cartwright, Kathy Marlowe, Coleen Drake, Tania Velia, Norma Young, Marjorie Durant, John Bleifer, Brandy Bryan, Ralph Gamble, Joi Lansing, Ruth Lewis, and June McCall. The script was written by Charles Beaumont and Ben Hecht. Music is by Marlin Skiles. Edward Bernds directed.

Many movie reviewers claim Zsa Zsa Gabor is Queen of Outer Space. They obviously have not watched the movie. And after proving they have not seen it, these dishonest scumbags have the nerve to pass judgment on it! They write it's a "turkey", a "bomb", and "it's so bad it's good". Unfortunately, these reviewers have never watched a good percentage of the films they review, so don't take their guide books too seriously.

Director Edward Bernds said that Zsa Zsa Gabor gave producer Ben Schwalb such a hard time making the film that he was hospitalized with ulcers. Zsa Zsa was jealous of her much-younger Venusian colleagues (mostly beauty contest winners) because of the attention they received from the male actors.

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